Value creation through appreciation: the key to sustainable success!

by Christian Hainsch


The world around us is constantly changing and, whether we like it or not, we have to adapt. Companies are particularly affected by this. The value of companies today is not only determined by products or services, but also by the quality of their interpersonal relationships. The basis for sustainable success therefore lies more in the appreciation we show our employees, customers and partners.

Appreciation is important for companies and management!


Those who know their own values can appreciate other values. Appreciation creates a positive and motivating working environment that promotes creativity and productivity. Employees who feel valued are more motivated and committed. A customer who feels valued will remain loyal to your company in the long term. And partnerships based on appreciation are successful in the long term.

Integrate appreciation into value creation!


There are essentially three areas in which appreciation is essential in order to achieve sustainable value creation.


1. employee development: Appreciate your employees. They are not just there to earn money or because the coffee is free at your company. Appreciation begins with the perception of the individual, the goals, ideas and wishes of the individual. Employees want to contribute to the success of a company, to be heard and respected. Appreciation is expressed by listening to employees' ideas and perceptions and actively promoting an inclusive corporate culture in which every employee is treated fairly, with dignity and respect, and encouraged. Employees must be able to develop their potential and contribute their skills. The targeted development of responsibility, participation and skills creates a motivating working environment.


Oh yes, and let's not forget recruiting. Every applicant is a potential future employee. If appreciation is already practiced in the recruiting process, applicants will be tied to the company in the long term and really encouraged to apply again at a later date.


2. offer customers real service: Do you offer excellent customer service? Of course, you do. Does the service go above and beyond expectations? It does that too. Do you actively listen to your customers' feedback? Do your customers contribute to improving your offer and your products? Are your customers not just buyers, but a community? Do you talk to your customers as equals? All this and much more is part of appreciation. You cannot and should not carry your customers on your shoulders, but you must see them as an asset to your company and show them this appreciation. Then you offer genuine service as customer service.


3. strong partnerships are based on values: Cultivate strong partnerships by understanding and respecting the needs and goals of your partners. Sounds simple? It is. If you treat your partners, subcontractors and suppliers the same way you treat your employees, you have already gained a lot. If you see your partners as an integral part of your success and involve them accordingly, appreciation is the result. 

So, let's go for it: Let's create added value with appreciation!


I would be happy to discuss more details and individual approaches with you personally.


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