Cross-Cultural Communication & Cooperation

Communication is culture and culture is communication! When people from different cultures work together communication is crucial for business success!


In this workshop, you will experience how culture influences communication and how to improve your cross-cultural communication skills. Learn to be a cross-cultural communicator! 


In this workshop we aim to lay a foundation for more effective communication in intercultural settings.


This is essential for your daily work, but also in your future career. 

Who will benefit from this workshop? 

  • Managers of multinational companies
  • Managers in international business
  • Team leaders working in diverse / multicultural teams
  • HR Executives
  • Expatriates

What is the workshop about?

  • Intercultural perception: stereotypes, prejudices, ethnocentrism and attribution
  • Intercultural differences: do's and don'ts, conventions and scripts, communication styles, the political and economical context
  • Intercultural explanation model and its application to specific examples.

 What do you learn in this workshop?

  • Basics of intercultural communication
  • Culture Dimensions
  • Effective working in international teams
  • Cultural differences and communication
  • Open and hidden communication
  • Managing cultural diversity to benefit your work
  • Basics of intercultural management

When you have joined this workshop, you will...

  • understand the influence of culture on behavior
  • be more aware of your own perception processes and those of others, and how these can complicate communication and cooperation
  • be familiar with an intercultural explanation model and how it can be applied in practice.

Interested in such a workshop for your team?

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