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Project Management

Project business is becoming more and more important in work. Many tasks that you are working at can be considered as projects.

At our training, seminars and workshops, we teach you methods that enable you to effective manage projects and use the full skill-set of project management methods in your daily work. You learn how to use the definition of objectives, create efficient project planning in  a way to create maximum flexibility in the project while keeping the project schedule.


With the methods and tools you will experience in our training & seminars you will be able to plan, setup and manage your projects more efficient and effective.

What do you learn?

  • Basics of Project Management
  • Defining project objectives and targets
  • Effective project communication
  • Work and resource planing
  • Identifying and responding to problems
  • Project organization and setup
  • Project controlling and Risk Management
  • Leadership in Project Management
  • Stakeholder Management
  • and many more...

After visiting our workshops, training or seminars you will...

  • understand how to plan, setup and manage your projects
  • be  aware how projects are executed and how to make effective project controlling
  • be familiar with the latest methods and tools for project management

What kind of training do we offer?

  • Project Management Basics I - "start & plan projects"
  • Project Management Basics II - "execute & control projects"
  • Project Management Leadership
  • International Project Management
  • Special Project Management for organizational projects
  • Soft-skills for Project Managers
  • Project Workshops for setup, planning, solution finding and various other topics

We offer our training, seminars and workshops as in-house events only.