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Interkulturelles Kommunikation

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HorizonP provides you with the right training and workshops to adapt new skills, get insight into the latest topics on cross-cultural know-how, business know-how and topics you need to improve your self and your business. 


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Cross-Cultural Awareness


We live in a global village and people have ever more daily intercultural contact - This interactive workshop examines the influence of culture on building and maintaining international and intercultural relations. You will learn the major differences between cultures and how to work with people with different cultural background. A must for international business!

Business Etiquette


To make a good first impression in business can decide about success or failure. In international business there are certain standards in regards to business etiquette. The way you great someone, behave at a business meeting or lunch and the way you express yourself will leave a long lasting impression to your business partners. This seminar will provide you with the must-haves on business etiquette. 

Cross-Cultural Training Germany


Working in or with Germans? This training program will prepare you for this interesting challenge. We will give you deep insights into German work culture and patterns and help you to understand your German colleagues and business partners better to improve work and relations. 

Cross-Cultural Communication


Communication is culture and culture is communication! When people from different cultures work to together the communication is crucial for business success! In this training you will experience how culture influences communication and how to improve your cross-cultural communication skills. Learn to be a cross-cultural communicator! 

Project Management


Project Management is part of our daily work life. Many projects are run in companies, organisations and business sectors. Do make project management effective and efficient we need to learn about the methods and tools we can utilize to plan, start and successfully run projects. Our comprehensive Project Management Training program will help you to learn about this interesting field and effectively put the knowledge into practice.