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Interkulturelles Kommunikation

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Diversity Workshops


Diversity and inclusion are essential in today's world, and our workshop is designed to help you embrace and celebrate diversity in all its forms. We believe that diversity enriches our lives, enhances creativity, and strengthens communities.Our workshop is a safe and inclusive space for individuals from all walks of life to come together, learn, and engage in meaningful conversations.



Value-Oriented Management Workshop


Identify and agree on corporate and personal values, get them off the ground, and fill them with life!

A workshop for every team which wants to work based on values, and appreciation and make a sustainable impact for business & society.



Leadership & Business Ethics


What is right and what is wrong? This question is the key to ethics. In a changing environment, social & moral values change fast, and so does the definition of right and wrong. Sometimes it isn't easy to follow but it is of utmost necessity for a business to have a clear focus on those topics. This training will help you define your business's ethical framework and moral standards. In a constructive workshop setting we will help you to identify what customers, employees, and society demand from you and work out steps to implement those standards in your organization. 



Cultural Awareness & Diversity


We live in a global village and people have ever more daily intercultural contact - This interactive workshop examines the influence of culture on building and maintaining international and intercultural relations. You will learn the major differences between cultures and how to work with people with different cultural backgrounds. A must for international business!



Negotiate across cultures


Negotiating is not a talent, it is a skill. Negotiating across cultures is an art!  Successful negotiations in an international business can not go without a solid strategy and a skillset of what it means to negotiate across cultures. This training will help you to better understand cultural impacts and give you tools and methods to make your international negotiations successful. 



Cross-Cultural Communication & Cooperation


Communication is culture and culture is communication! When people from different cultures work together communication is crucial for business success! In this training, you will experience how culture influences communication and how to improve your cross-cultural communication skills. Learn to be a cross-cultural communicator! 



Cross-Cultural Training Germany


Working with Germans? This training program will prepare you for this interesting challenge. We will give you deep insights into German work culture and patterns and help you to understand your German colleagues and business partners better to improve work and relations. 



Stress Management, Resilience & Burnout Prevention


Stress is the plague of modern times and is a root cause of psychological diseases and an erosion of life quality. Our training and workshops on stress management help you learn how you can decrease stress factors, change your work environment to become a stress-free zone and give you the right tools and methods to build up resilience and prevent yourself from burnout. 



Time & Self Management


The daily workload is increasing more and more. Many things have to be done almost at the same time, but a day still has only 24 hours. That's a problem everyone is facing? But why can some people do more than others at the same time? This training will teach you methods and tools for time and self-management. After this training, you will know how to work more effectively and efficiently by reducing stress at the same time.



New Work - New Culture - New Leadership


Being ready for 21st centuries work environment!


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