Negotiate across Cultures


Negotiating is not a talent, it is a skill. Negotiating across cultures is an art!


In this training you will learn how to prepare, start and make successful negotiations in an international business environment. Each culture is having its particular values, meanings and communication styles when it comes to negotiations. The training will help you to understand and master the impacts of culture in negotiations and improve your negotiation and cross-cultural communication skills. The training is based on the Harvard Negotiation Method and cross-cultural science covering aspects such as: 

  • Understanding the impacts of culture
  • Developing a negotiation strategy
  • The art of persuasion
  • Psychology for negotiators
  • How to communicate in cross-cultural negotiations
  • How to discover and counteract manipulations

Training contents are: 

  • Understanding the worlds cultures
  • Find your way with the culture world map
  • How to master difficult conversations
  • The basic elements of principled negotiations
  • The psychology of negotiation
  • Case studies and two role-play


Herbert Utz - Negotiating across cultures

Herbert Utz is a negotiation trainer and consultant. He holds a master degree in Aerospace Engineering from the Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany, and is a graduate of of the International Space University. Having received his training as negotiation instructor at Harvard Law School and the Harvard Program of Negotiation, Herbert served global clients (mostly Fortune 500) across various industry sectors in Europe, the Americas, and Asia. 


Herbert is founder and owner of max57®, a negotiation training and consulting firm, serving international clients such as General Motors, Cisco, Meritor, Acision and Intergraph. He is also the founder, owner, and Chairman of two publishing companies, having published over 4500 books in the past 20 years, including „517 Tage“, the German edition of „Detik-Detik Yang Menentukan“ by former Indonesian president Bacharuddin J. Habibie.


 This training can be booked as in-house training.

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