Negotiate across Cultures

Interkulturelles Kommunikation

Negotiating is not a talent, it is a skill. Negotiating across cultures is an art!


In this training you will learn how to prepare, start and make successful negotiations in an international business environment. Each culture is having its particular values, meanings and communication styles when it comes to negotiations. The training will help you to understand and master the impacts of culture in negotiations and improve your negotiation and cross-cultural communication skills. The training is based on the Harvard Negotiation Method and cross-cultural science covering aspects such as: 


  • Understanding the impacts of culture
  • Developing a negotiation strategy
  • The art of persuasion
  • Psychology for negotiators
  • How to communicate in cross-cultural negotiations
  • How to discover and counteract manipulations

Who will benefit from this training? 

  • International operating managers and executives
  • Sales teams working in international environments
  • Teams working in multicultural settings

 What do you learn in this training?

  • Understanding the worlds cultures
  • Find your way with the culture world map
  • How to master difficult conversations
  • The basic elements of principled negotiations
  • The psychology of negotiation
  • Case studies and two role-play

When you have joined this training, you will...

  • better understand the influence of culture on behavior on negotiations
  • be more aware of your own perception processes and those of others, and how these can complicate communication and cooperation
  • be familiar with an intercultural explanation model and how it can be applied in practice.

Interested in such a training for your team?

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