Working for our clients without borders...

...with an open mind, to make things better!


Because development, makes the world turn and business better!

Our Vision

HorizonP Coaching & Training was established 2010 in Munich, Germany. We are operating internationally, mainly in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.


We support global players and regional champions in growth, expansion, change, development, and critical phases by providing executive coaching and special training, fit to their entrepreneurial demands.


The HorizonP Consultant, Coach & Trainer team is consisting out of interdisciplinary experts ranging from certified coaches, experienced trainers, business specialists, and skilled managers, all of them entrepreneurs themselves. This enables us to understand our clients, their demands, and needs and provide solutions for entrepreneurial challenges. 


All of our experts have a strong track record as entrepreneurs, consultants and trainers combined with international experience, and dedication to improvement and development. 




It is our aim that you can do your job, develop yourself, and become more successful - in business & in life.