Value creation through appreciation: the key to sustainable success!
The world around us is constantly changing and, whether we like it or not, we have to adapt. Companies are particularly affected by this. The value of companies today is not only determined by products or services, but also by the quality of their interpersonal relationships. The basis for sustainable success therefore lies more in the appreciation we show our employees, customers and partners.
The Influence of Culture on Morality and Ethical Decision-Making
Culture exerts a profound influence on an individual's morality and ethical decision-making. It does so through the lens of cultural relativism, the establishment of norms and values, religious and philosophical beliefs, social institutions, and in-group vs. out-group dynamics. This article explores the ways in which culture influences morality and ethical decision-making, highlighting the complexities and implications of this connection.

The Importance of a Value Compass for Your Business: Guiding Ethical Values in a Changing World
Having a strong value compass that aligns with ethical principles has become a crucial factor in building a successful and sustainable enterprise. In this article, we will delve into why a value compass is essential for your business, with a specific focus on ethical values.
The cultural aspects of ethics
Ethics are shaped by cultural factors such as religion, tradition, social norms, historical events, and the overall worldview of the people in a given culture. Here are some of the cultural aspects of ethics: