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Successful integrity management in practice
Integrity Management is crucial for the long-term success of a company. It fosters ethical decision-making, ethical and compliant behavior on all levels of the organization and ensures that the company decides, acts and behaves ethically.
Trustworthiness – A crucial Dimension (not only) in Business Ethics
At the heart of trustworthiness lies integrity, the consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, and expectations. Businesses that consistently uphold their core values, even in the face of challenges, foster a sense of reliability and authenticity.

The individual dimension of ethical behavior in business and your personal benefits
Ethics have a strong impact on our individual development and ethical behavior has many personal benefits. At its core, ethical behavior serves as the bedrock for building trust. Beyond the confines of the professional realm, individuals who consistently uphold ethical standards experience a profound sense of trust and respect from their peers. This, in turn, contributes to elevated self-esteem and confidence, shaping a positive psychological self-perception.
The benefits of ethical behavior in business and leadership - a practice guide
Ethical behavior is not just a nice-to-have, but a game changer. This counts for life but also for business and leadership. In this blog post, our expert Christian Hainsch is highlighting some of the benefits that you will receive from ethical leadership and business.

The Influence of Culture on Morality and Ethical Decision-Making
Culture exerts a profound influence on an individual's morality and ethical decision-making. It does so through the lens of cultural relativism, the establishment of norms and values, religious and philosophical beliefs, social institutions, and in-group vs. out-group dynamics. This article explores the ways in which culture influences morality and ethical decision-making, highlighting the complexities and implications of this connection.
Basics of Leadership Ethics
What issues do we need to consider in leadership ethics and what makes an ethical leadership and corporate culture. In this article, I present 12 points of ethical leadership.

Ethics and Compliance are Complementary
It is often said that ethics begins where compliance ends. This is not wrong in principle, but not necessarily correct either. To better illustrate the interaction between ethics and compliance, here are some examples of how and where ethical questions appear in compliance. You will see that ethical issues can be manifold in companies, especially in the area of compliance. Here are some examples:
The Intrinsic Link between Change Projects and Ethics
Change projects are ubiquitous in today's business world. Companies must continually adapt to changing market conditions and technological developments to remain competitive. However, while the focus often lies on efficiency, productivity, and profit, a crucial aspect is frequently neglected: ethics. In this blog post, we will shed light on the vital connection between change projects and ethics, discussing why ethical conduct in such processes is of paramount importance.

Greed and Its Impact on Business Ethics and Morality
The desire for power, money, and success can be a destructive force that has far-reaching implications for ethics and morality within organizations. The problem is greed!
The Importance of a Value Compass for Your Business: Guiding Ethical Values in a Changing World
Having a strong value compass that aligns with ethical principles has become a crucial factor in building a successful and sustainable enterprise. In this article, we will delve into why a value compass is essential for your business, with a specific focus on ethical values.

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