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Trustworthiness – A crucial Dimension (not only) in Business Ethics
At the heart of trustworthiness lies integrity, the consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, and expectations. Businesses that consistently uphold their core values, even in the face of challenges, foster a sense of reliability and authenticity.
The individual dimension of ethical behavior in business and your personal benefits
Ethics have a strong impact on our individual development and ethical behavior has many personal benefits. At its core, ethical behavior serves as the bedrock for building trust. Beyond the confines of the professional realm, individuals who consistently uphold ethical standards experience a profound sense of trust and respect from their peers. This, in turn, contributes to elevated self-esteem and confidence, shaping a positive psychological self-perception.

The Influence of Culture on Morality and Ethical Decision-Making
Culture exerts a profound influence on an individual's morality and ethical decision-making. It does so through the lens of cultural relativism, the establishment of norms and values, religious and philosophical beliefs, social institutions, and in-group vs. out-group dynamics. This article explores the ways in which culture influences morality and ethical decision-making, highlighting the complexities and implications of this connection.
A plea for value-oriented leadership
We can talk about good and bad management, and think about why businesses fail or why companies get involved in unethical business practices. When we take a deep look into the root cause of today's problems, which dominate the headlines of business news, we can easily identify that there is a general lack of value orientation in management and leadership. So what we can say is just that.... ....Value-oriented leadership is important for several reasons. Here are some of them:

The cultural aspects of ethics
Ethics are shaped by cultural factors such as religion, tradition, social norms, historical events, and the overall worldview of the people in a given culture. Here are some of the cultural aspects of ethics:
5 reasons why Leadership Ethic is so important
The importance of ethics in leadership becomes more and more important in today's complex world. Read the top 5 reasons why leadership ethic is so important.