Time to go international!


International Business Development

Interkulturelles Kommunikation

"It has been said that arguing against globalization

is like arguing against the laws of gravity”

 -Kofi Annan-


To increase and sustain business and ensure stable profits domestic companies have the demand for internationalization and opening their business to markets outside Indonesia.


In this workshop you learn about what are the major drivers for internationalization, the challenges for domestic companies to work and cooperate in foreign markets and how companies can prepare for becoming a global player.

In this workshop will develop strategies and tools for domestic companies to "go international" considering actual management methods as well as the intercultural aspects.

Who should join this workshop? 

  • Managers who work in an international business environment
  • Entrepreneurs who want to expand their business globally
  • Business Development Managers
  • Knowing the markets, chances and challenges

What do you learn in this workshop?

  • Drivers for internationalization of business
  • Business Development Strategy – Development and implementation
  • Knowing the markets, chances and challenges
  • Tools for going international (Market Analysis, Data Sourcing, SWOT Analysis)
  • Creating the international business plan
  • Establishing connections and finding partners
  • Cooperation in a multinational environment - Cross-cultural Competence as success driver
  • International Business Etiquette
  • International Marketing Strategies 

When this workshop is finished, you will

  • understand the key drivers of international business
  • be able to prepare your international business strategy
  • have the necessary know-how, tools and practices to prepare your company for international business and open new markets.

 This training can provided as tailor made in-house training. 


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