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Time Management




Time & Work Management


Who should join this workshop?  

  • Managers, Executives and Entrepreneurs who want to become more efficient
  • Everyone who wishes to improve time & work management


What is this workshop about?

  • The daily workload is becoming more and more. Many things have to be done almost at the same time, but a day still has only 24 hours.
  • That's a problem everyone is facing? But why can some people do more than others in the same time?
  • This workshop will teach you methods and tools for time and work management. After the workshop you will know how to work more effective and efficient by reducing stress at the same time.


 What do you learn in this workshop?

  • Effective task planing and time management
  • Setting priorities and targets
  • Work delegation and allocation
  • Eliminate multitasking, time thieves and perfectionism, which stops you from being effective
  • Methods for effective time & work management
  • Develop your personal work style and time planing methods
  • Work place organization

 This training can provided as tailor made in-house training. 


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