Think global, act local, communicate intercultural!


Cross-Cultural Awareness

Interkulturelles Kommunikation

Know yourself - understand others!


We live in a global village and people have ever more daily intercultural contact - This interactive workshop examines the influence of culture on building and maintaining international and intercultural relations. 


In this workshop we aim to lay a foundation for more effective work in intercultural settings.

This is essential for your daily work, but also in your future career. 

The following topics will be dealt with:

  • Intercultural perception: stereotypes, prejudices, ethnocentrism and attribution
  • Intercultural differences: do's and don'ts, conventions and scripts, communication styles, the political and economical context
  • Intercultural explanation model and its application to specific examples.


 What do you learn in this workshop?

  • Basics of intercultural awareness
  • Culture Dimensions
  • Effective working in international teams
  • Cultural differences and communication
  • Open and hidden communication
  • Managing cultural diversity to benefit your work
  • Basics of intercultural management


When this workshop is finished, you will

  • understand the influence of culture on behavior
  • be more aware of your own perception processes and those of others, and how these can complicate communication and cooperation
  • be familiar with an intercultural explanation model and how it can be applied in practice.

 This training can provided as tailor made in-house training. 


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