Psychological Counseling for you..

...because sometimes things do not run as planned.

Sometimes life can be like a river. Running smooth and peaceful downstream. Sometimes it can be troubling, rousing and full of obstacles. 


If you are in a phase of life where things don't go they way they should, we are there for you. If you want to change things and don't know how, we are there for you. If you want to find solutions for your situation, we are there for you...


...with our professional psychological counseling services.


Talk to us and we can help you in crisis situations, family issues, incriminating moments and stressful times.

We are there for you when as your psychological adviser!


When life is troubling you...

  • you have situations overwhelming you,
  • you have problems you can not solve,
  • you look for a change in your life, 
  • you feel sad and tired,
  • you don't find solutions,
  • you feel frustrated & depressed,
  • you want to change things!

Contact us and make things better and life more livable!


We help you with our professional support if you have...

  • Problems with your job or career.
  • Big changes to make.
  • Stress or fatigue.
  • Culture Stress.
  • Anxiety and fear in particular situations.
  • Self-doubt or insecurity.
  • Sorrow and desperation.

Contact us for an individual counseling session!